Sqorpios is a global luxury swimwear and resort wear brand known for it’s iconic designs and quality craftsmanship. Sqorpios is defined by its innovative, elegant and timeless designs that add an element of newness to global fashion trends.

Creative Director

Founded by designer Chiara Bransi, the brand is a representation of her core values; sustainability, wearability and women empowerment. She wants women to feel sexy and powerful while being comfortable in their own skin. Chiara represents the ideal Sqorpios customer, this is how we manage to be right on trend and meet demanding customer expectations. It is her mission to create a Sqorpios tribe of powerful women that empower and support each other. 

Designed in Ibiza
All items are designed by the Creative Director, Chiara, she takes her inspiration from the the mediterranean island Ibiza. From the changing colors of the sunset, the rocky cliffs in the north or the crystal blue water in Cala Saladeta. Chiara translates her surroundings into designs with a touch of magic. She starts by sketching rough ideas by hand and developes her designs on an Ipad. 
Made Globally
When Sqorpios Swimwear was founded in 2018, we partnered with a production team in Turkey and sustainable fabric suppliers from Italy . As the brand grew, we have expanded our production facilities to all- female run businesses in Portugal, Spain and India.