About Us


Sqorpios was founded in 2018 by the Designer Chiara Branse who had a Vision. What started as a dream has evolved into an Internationally known Swimwear Brand that inspires not only through Design but also through it’s core values.
It is our mission to inspire people around the world with our unique swimwear designs. Our designs are made to flatter the female body and to create an optical illusion that inspires the mind and holds space for dreams and innovation. The quality of our Swimwear is our most important pillar next to Design. We use only the highest quality sustainable fabrics from Italy that are made from recycled ocean plastic.
We care for mother Earth and want to be part of a movement where Fashion is Sustainable and does something good for the Planet. It is important to us to create an environment where people support each other which is reflected not only in our work environment but also in our relationships with customers.